Sunday, January 04, 2004

I wrote this my senior year of high school, and I'm rather proud of it (With all the self-deprecating humor I use, I think I've earned a moment to toot my own horn.) Anyways, I'll skip the part where I viciously threaten you and I'll just get to the part where I BEG you to PLEASE not steal this! (If you need it to fool an English teacher, fine, just email me and let me know PLEASE!!!) If you must use it, please credit me, please please please and pleeeease let me know!!!!! --> Jedi_Velcro@hotmail.com. Okay. Now that we've got that out of the way...

Two lovers did sit together,
a lady and a knight,
and they spoke in lovers' whispers
during the fading light.

Said the knight, "I truly love thee"
and this was her reply:
"My lord, I will love thee Always
until the end of time."

"Always is a long time" said he.
His face conveyed his doubt.
"I do not think you understand
what you're talking about."

But her eyes were filled with knowledge.
She smiled and took his hand,
"Always is forever and more
than there are grains of sand.

When eternity is finished,
when the moon ceases phase,
and all your armor is tarnished
there will still be Always.

Love is timeless and Always isn't
enough time to love you.
But your hesitation tells me
thy love is not quite true.

For is Always seems long to thee,
then 'tis not real, true love."
And so the knight sat dumbfounded
as she gazed up above.
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